Sandstone Retaining Wall Specialists

Paradise Bushrocks

All sandstone retaining walls, sandstone block wall and sandstone rock wall applications including industrial, commercial and domestic.

Paradise Bush Rocks construct sandstone retaining walls and are sandstone rock wall suppliers to rock wall operators in South Eastern Queensland.

All sandstone blocks and sandstone boulders are cut from our quarry in Helidon.

Paradise Bush Rocks has been constructing sandstone retaining walls and supplying the boulder wall industry with quality sandstone products for the past 25 years.

We have a team of highly skilled operators using our specialised machinery and equipment for the construction of sandstone retaining walls of all sizes.

We have a range of sandstone products for professional trades people to DIY (see below).

Sandstone Walls

Sandstone Retaining Wall

We can supply, deliver and construct your sandstone retaining wall. show more

Sandstone Blocks

Our Sandstone blocks are wheel sawn and are available in 3 grades - A, B plus and B. show more

Sandstone Boulders

Our random sandstone boulders are available in a range of sizes. show more

Sandstone Products

Beautiful, natural stone products make a stylish statement.

Sandstone Bricks

Sandstone Crazy Pave

Sandstone Garden Edging

Sandstone Letterbox

Sandstone Slabs

Sandstone Steps

Sandstone Stepping Stones

Sandstone Tiles